Influenster XO VoxBox Review!

Hello, world!

I recently received my first VoxBox from Influenster! I was checking the mail anxiously everyday waiting for it to arrive, lol! So what exactly is a VoxBox? Basically, it’s this box of free products to test out and review! Did I mention it was free? Oh yeah, it’s pretty great. They send out a survey, and if your answers match the type of people they are looking for for that particular box, they ship it to you! Therefore, my answers to the survey qualified me to test these items out.

Here’s a video from the unboxing of everything inside:

In total, I received:

  • Colgate Optic White Express White Toothpaste
  • Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Built-in Whitening Pen
  • John Frieda Beach Blonde Collection
  • John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment
  • Skinfix Hand Repair Cream
  • Tide Pods with Febreze
  • Coupons for Adore Me, Lands End, and John Frieda!

Now for the important part: what did I think? I really really love the Colgate toothbrush + toothpaste combo! The brush does a fantastic job of scrubbing, and the toothpaste is foamy, so it really distributes throughout the mouth. You know you’re getting a deep clean with this combo, and it has a very strong mint flavor, so I feel I don’t need mouthwash afterwards! They also did a great job of removing surface stains and making my teeth look whiter after 1 use, which is fantastic in my book. The gel on the other hand is interesting. I appreciate that you can apply it after brushing and don’t have to worry about rinsing, but it feels a little awkward. You literally have this gel on your teeth which is very obvious, so I don’t suggest immediately seeing people until you swallow/lick it all off lol. It definitely has a MUCH better taste than other whitening gels, so I 100% like that. Although the gel doesn’t give a dramatic whitening effect, I think it does help make my teeth seem a little “brighter” if that makes sense. When I tested going back to my normal toothpaste/toothbrush, my teeth didn’t seem as “bright” anymore.

In regards to the John Frieda Beach Blonde line, I was a little disappointed. Granted, I’ve been using a cleansing conditioner for months now so I’ve had no need for a real shampoo. They smell exactly like a Cool Lime Refresher from Starbucks (pretty nice), and I feel like it did an OK job of moisturizing my hair, which was the main claim it boasted. The real problem came from the Sea Salt Spray. The spray made my hair feel so dry, stuck together, and it didn’t improve the natural waviness of my hair. I feel it was the antithesis of the shampoo+conditioner- why would you use a highly moisturizing product for after going to the beach, just to dry it out with a spray? So I say the spray is a no-go, however the shampoo and conditioner were pretty good!

With the Skinfix hand cream I only had 1 problem- I’m allergic to it! I was unable to test it because it contains sweet almond oil, however I let my friend use it, and she said that it was incredibly creamy, absorbed into her skin well, and really helped moisturize! Sounds good to me!

Finally, the best for last: the Tide Pods! I was very very excited to try these, and they surpassed my expectations! They’re little pods of detergent that you can throw into your washing machine! I tried them with a couple loads of jeans and tops, and it not only did a wonderful job of cleaning, it also didn’t seem to fade any of my colors, AND it made all of my clothes smell fantastic, even after drying! I never have that kind of success with other detergents. This was probably my favorite item from the Vox Box, and I will be buying this product in the future!

So you’ve heard what I had to say, what do you guys think? Have you tried these products, or have you ever gotten a Vox Box? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Also, make sure to check out my Spring to Summer Fitness Challenge! It’s never too late to start!

Peace and love!

Spring to Summer Fitness Challenge

Spring to Summer Fitness Challenge! Part 1

Hello, world!

Woo hoo, it is time to start the Spring to Summer Fitness Challenge! I’m super excited for this, and I hope you guys are too! I apologize for the delayed start on this- I’ve had some technical problems unfortunately, but we are finally up and running!

As I mentioned in my previous post, (read it here!) this challenge is meant for those who don’t exercise and want to start, or haven’t done so in awhile and need to ease back into it! It’s meant to make the transition from a sedentary lifestyle to fitness as smooth as possible. Making life long changes is a marathon, not a sprint! That’s why we will be starting small, and working our way up through the next 3 months!

So for Part 1, I have created a calendar with a small daily workout (approximately 10 minutes), and a weekly food challenge since nutrition and fitness go hand in hand! I recommend either waking up just 15 minutes earlier in the morning to kick start your day, or do it in the evening before dinner time! Either way, you want to make sure you eat afterwards to replenish your fuel.

As you progress through the month, I would love to hear from you all on your progress! Use #happybodyblog so I can see how you’re feeling and doing, or comment below!

Click the image below to see the calendar, or download the pdf to print out!

Calendar: Spring to Summer Fitness Challenge Part 1

Spring to Summer Fitness Challenge Part 1

*One note: for the bicep curls, use a full water bottle, large candle, bag or purse, or anything with just a little bit of weight! Or light dumbbells (around 5 lbs), if you happen to have some 😉

Remember to breathe, try your best, and HAVE FUN! If you have any questions at all, comment below!

Peace and love!

Spring to Summer Fitness Challenge

Spring to Summer Fitness Challenge!

Hello, world!

With Spring Break and Summer and other swimsuit-needs fast approaching, I came up with a brilliant idea! It’s this time of year that many wish to becoming “swimsuit ready”, and contemplate going to the gym, eating healthy, etc, but often don’t know where to start, or start out at an extreme and burn out really quickly. Even a lot of programs that are “for beginners” are still a little too challenging and daunting for some. This is where my idea for the Spring to Summer Fitness Challenge began!

In order to increase your likelihood for succeeding, whether it be a nutrition or fitness plan, you need to start small and work your way up. Making a whole bunch of changes all at one time can lead to burnout rather than long term change. It’s like learning a new language- you can’t just jump into Advanced French if you don’t even know how to say “hello”; you’ll get overwhelmed! You start at French 101. The same concept applies here!

With that, I’ve devised a 3 part plan that is aimed towards people who do not exercise regularly as the ultimate gateway into fitness and long term change! It is designed for those who may have a hard time getting started on a fitness routine, or are so incredibly busy that there is no time to even think about working out. So if you’re a hardcore fitness fanatic who runs 5 miles every morning just as a warmup, this may not be geared for you, however it can be a great addition to what you already do! This is also wonderful for those who used to work out all the time, but may have fallen off track for awhile (like me, I was sick off and on for a bit) and need to ease back into it.

Are you ready? I know you are! Here’s how the challenge will work:

  • Part 1: March 1-31, quick daily workout (approx. 15 minutes), and a weekly food challenge
  • Part 2: April 1-30, up the intensity/length of the workouts from part 1, plus the weekly food challenge!
  • Part 3: May 1-31, higher intensity/length from part 2, plus the weekly food challenge!

On the day before, I will post the workout calendar and weekly food challenge here to my website so you all can be ready for day 1 to start! So to make sure you don’t miss out, follow my blog so you’ll receive email updates!

With that, I challenge you to 1) follow my blog so you’ll be notified by email when I post those calendars 2) invite a friend to do the challenge with you 3) HAVE FUN! This will be your opening journey towards life long change!

Keep your eyes peeled on February 28 for the Part 1 Calendar!

Peace and love!


L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation Review!

Hello, world!

Today marks an exciting day- I finally started filming makeup reviews! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time, but for whatever reason I thought my boyfriend would make fun of me (I don’t know why… he really doesn’t care lol). But I finally did it!

For my first review, I did the new L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte 24 Hour Foundation! In my video, I do a demo of how it goes on, and also my thoughts and feelings about it! Check it out:

Overall, I LOVE this foundation! It’s become my new go-to product, and I have tried all kinds of foundations (Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous, Clinique Stay Matte, Make Up Forever, and more). It is my holy grail foundation. I have very oily skin, so I need foundations that have oil control and don’t break down easily as the day goes on, and this does a fantastic job! After about 6 hours of wear I’ll start to look shiny, but not so bad that I look like an oil slick, which is amazing. It also blends beautifully into the skin with a beauty blender or sponge (foundation brush is a little streaky), and it doesn’t look thick and cakey as time goes on.

As I mentioned multiple times in the video, this foundation is a little darker than what the package shows, so if you are trying to decide between 2 shades, go with the lighter one!

Overall, I hope you guys find this video helpful and insightful! I plan on doing many more, and I will certainly improve as time goes on. Let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to my channel for more great videos!

Peace and love!

***Update! I finally found the lighter shade (101) at Walgreens, and it is perfect for my winter complexion! It is much lighter than 102, so I will be saving that one for this Summer!


How To Eat Clean, Be Happy!

Hello, World!

Life is pretty great right now! Counting down the days until I can move out of my (sad) apartment and into my new one!! It shall be glorious

As you know from my previous post, 3 Essential Parts to a Healthy Lifestyle, I have been sick! Ugh, it’s been incredibly frustrating because I haven’t been able to work out at all. This cold from weeks ago developed into violent coughing fits, so cardio was a no go. Thankfully, I’m FINALLY getting better! I definitely think my decision to eat healthy when I got sick played a major role in becoming better. Also, I haven’t gained any weight despite not working out for over a month! What what? It’s pretty fantastic.

So what have I been doing this whole time? I’ve been eating clean! You’ve probably heard this phrase all over the health and fitness blogosphere, but it’s pretty vague if you ask me- in fact, I had to google it to make sure I truly understood it! Essentially, eating clean is eating whole and fresh foods. Getting inspired by colorful produce at the supermarket. Feeling the satisfaction of cooking at home and enjoying your creation. As someone who has ALWAYS been a huge fast food addict (you can ask any of my friends- Burger King is my favorite), making this transition actually wasn’t very difficult! I have tried a couple different eating plans in the past, from eating only 1200 calories a day (not a good idea) to stricter plans that dictate your every meal and snack, and none of those stuck for longer than a couple of weeks. I’ve been eating clean for over a month now, and my body feels fantastic!

By eating clean, I have noticed my eczema has disappeared! How do I know it was directly related to eating clean? If I do have a crazy meal once in a while, it’ll creep back and disappear within a few days! My energy levels have also improved! I used to have intense fatigue that no amount of coffee could battle, but now I can have my green tea in the morning, and I am set until bed time! And these are only some of the benefits!

Specifically, let’s talk about what I’ve been eating. First off, I try to make everything myself and eat as little processed/premade things as possible. I especially focus on replacing all crackers/chips/pretzels with fresh fruits and veggies. Here’s an example of what a day looks like:

Breakfast: OATMEAL! My obsession ❤ I cook a 1/3 cup of oats with water and cinnamon, and then top it with chia seeds, flax seeds, honey, and various fruits (strawberries, blueberries, banana, etc). I also have a glass of Green Goodness smoothie from Bolthouse and green tea to boost my energy for the day.

Lunch: sliced chicken breast sandwich topped with spinach and tomato and toasted in the oven! I’ll also pair it with a spinach salad topped with sliced strawberries!

Snack: banana with home made peanut butter

Dinner: grilled chicken breast sauteed with broccoli, onions, mushrooms, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and s&p! (You can find this one on my Instagram @happy_body_blog!)

As you can see, the foods I eat during the day are very simple- easy to make with not too many ingredients or anything crazy. I think that’s the point of eating clean overall- just make it simple! Some of these meals may not sound exciting, but I swear they taste so good and are incredibly satisfying because the ingredients of the meal get to shine. I also try to change it up every day or week. I don’t let myself get in the habit of eating the same sandwich for lunch every day because I know I’ll burn out and get bored! In fact, I plan my weekly meals on what inspires me at the grocery store. If I see some awesome asparagus on sale, I’ll quickly look up a recipe on my phone for ideas on what to pair it with. My goal is to always pick a different item, or at least one I don’t normally eat, every time I go to the store to keep eating clean fun and interesting!

So with my new focus on eating clean and experimenting in the kitchen, I will be posting a lot more recipes in the future! To see my creations day to day, be sure to follow me on Instagram, and check my blog soon for some yummy recipes!

Let me know how you eat healthy and clean, and what some of your favorite recipes are! I would love to try them out!

Peace and love!

3 Essential Parts to a Healthy Lifestyle

Hello, world!

So my life is going through some big changes! I started a new job, gearing up for a move (the boyfriend and I will be living together!), and preparing for my last year of undergrad! Crazy, right?

Of course, nature has the most impeccable timing, so I have actually been sick for 6 weeks! I haven’t been able to work out AT ALL, so in the mean time, I have really focused on cleaning up my eating habits. I’ve made a lot of changes, which I will definitely go more into detail, including pictures and recipes, in my next blog post! (That means you should follow my blog to make sure you don’t miss it!) 😉 But now that I am FINALLY getting out of the sick streak, I am trying to figure out a NEW fitness routine! I’ve always been a huge fan of pilates, but I feel I have finally reached my plateau, and therefore need to add other elements in order to see my fitness increase! I’ve even been asked by others to make some workout routines for them! Once I design my new routine and test it out, I will post it on here for you all to try! I can’t wait for that to happen!

Speaking of, I finally have a YouTube channel! Get excited! One evening while avoiding studying for finals, I randomly made a beginner’s plank routine in my room and uploaded it! The angle stinks, but there’s a funny story behind that. I recorded the routine once, then realized I should have played music in the background. So I did it again, but realized I didn’t set my phone right so the angle wasn’t the best. Therefore, I did it again, and it was perfect! However, my phone didn’t register that I hit the record button, therefore it never recorded… By that point it was midnight, and I was like “screw it, it’s fine!” So if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here! I promise my future videos will have much better angles, hehe.

I am of course reading up on different routines and types of fitness. One that sparks my mind (and I promise I’m getting to the point of this post) is Insanity, a crazier version of P90X. My roommate just started doing it a couple months ago, and I admit, I was surprised. It’s not recommended for someone to go from a sedentary lifestyle straight into such an intense workout regimen without getting burned out quickly. Every morning I could hear her doing the workout in her room, and I was indeed impressed. Eventually, she started doing her workouts in the living room, and that’s when I made a realization- she was just doing the “hiphop abs” routine every day, and not the rest of the program. And she stopped doing it all together after a couple weeks. My response to this is as follows:


Although it’s fantastic that she was up and active, doing the same exact workout every day along with no diet or lifestyle change = no overall change! (Not to mention completely giving up!) It truly saddens me! After a month, there was no difference in her health. If you want to see a difference in your body, you must pay proper attention to all 3 parts of a healthy lifestyle: fitness, nutrition, and mind.

  1. Fitness involves getting your body moving and active. No matter what your style is, true fitness for change requires 2 things: cardio and strength. I don’t care who you are, you need a nice combination of both. Cardio can be any range of things from running, dancing, swimming, biking, etc. Strength entails either lifting weights (increasingly heavier to bulk up, or lighter weights to remain trim) or performing strength exercises, like lunges, squats, pushups, crunches, planks, and things of that nature. Together, you are building a powerhouse in your body- the cardio of course burns calories, but also strengthens your heart and endurance, while the strength training increases power and muscle, which thus increases your metabolism. (A faster metabolism means you burn more calories while at rest- woo hoo!)
  2. Nutrition entails all of the nutrients you intake. What we put in our bodies has such a huge impact on weight loss, health concerns, endurance, mood, skin, everything! If you continue to eat junk everyday, for example ramen, fried foods, and cookie dough, your body will have a very hard time finding the nutrients it needs to recover and strengthen from a workout! It’s like trying to find your lipstick at the bottom of your giant purse- your body has to wade through all of these miscellaneous things just to get to what’s important. These over processed, sugary, and fatty foods decrease your energy levels, make your skin not as clear as it can be, and can even exascerbate health issues! Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you can never ever enjoy fresh baked Ghiradelli brownies ever again, it just means your overall eating habits should be healthy. So in order to see the best results from your workouts (or even to get the motivation to work out!), you must eat clean! Feed your body with the nutrients it needs from fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.
  3. Mind involves all things that promote well being and a balanced state of mind. High stress levels and lack of sleep are major inhibitors of healthy body change! It’s true! When you don’t get enough sleep every night, hormones aren’t released to regulate body weight and your likelihood to make good food choices deminishes. You can even read my previous blog about how sleep affects weight loss to find out the science behind it! It comes down to this: if you are eating clean and working out but not getting enough sleep or have chronic stress, you will not see the changes in your body that you should be seeing. Ensuring that your body has enough rest to recover and a balanced state of mind are crucial to the whole process. Taking time to relax and decompress is just as important to making a permanent lifestyle change!

If you combine these 3 areas, you will see changes not only in the shape of your body, but your happiness and well being. Your body image will improve. I can say, ever since I simply began eating clean and making sleep a priority, I can see a huge improvement in my self esteem and body image. I’m even more proud of the changes I’m making! When you put the puzzle pieces together, you can see the bigger picture!

So next time you’re thinking of making a change, don’t just commit to a diet or workout routine- commit to a lifestyle change!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the 3 parts to a healthy lifestyle! What do you think? 🙂

Peace and love!

Finding Your Support Structure

Hello, world!

Man, March has brought on so many wonderful changes! It’s like a whirlwind, but I love it! With an upcoming dance competition nearing (it’s next week!), I have gotten back on my full time health plan! That means exercising every day and making good food choices to make sure I am in tip top shape for the competition! It’s amazing what a couple of weeks can do to change your body! With each day I keep this up, the easier it is for these good choices to become a preferred habit!

On top of that, my mom has made some HUGE changes in her life! She has always tried this health plan and that, but now she has found one and is sticking to it! I actually got to go to the gym with her today, which I have never been able to do in the past! It’s so inspirational to see her make these giant changes and how they have already significantly improved her health! I’m so proud!

Now what is the secret ingredient behind making permanent lifestyle changes? Of course you must make the change for YOU and no one else, but once you have decided on this change, you must establish your support structure in order to succeed. A support structure looks like a house:


  • Floors: The floor, plumbing, and wood beam skeleton of the house make up the basic and fundamental piece of the structure. This person is behind you every step of the way, no matter what, and is always supporting you. In my life, this piece of the support structure is my boyfriend. Whenever I start a new health plan or make a change in my life, he is right there telling me that I can do it. Just like the flooring is always below your feet, this part of the support structure is always there for you, and is absolutely essential (I mean, how could you live in a house without plumbing? That would stink… [sorry for the bad pun]).
  • Walls: The walls surrounding the house represent the person who is making the same or similar changes in their life. This person is right there with you, pushing you to try a new workout, make spaghetti squash for the first time, go to a yoga studio, and ultimately helping to remind you of the new commitment you have made. These people are your confidants, and the ones you won’t get mad at when they suggest you skip the trip to Burger King. They share in the difficulties, successes, and long term happiness. The walls in my support structure come from my best friend, who pushes me to work harder to achieve more. Just like walls are required to keep a house up, the same goes for keeping the support structure stable and helpful to you.
  • Roof: The roof of a house protects you from the wind, rain, and other elements. This person offers support like the flooring and walls, but also isn’t afraid to protect you from bad decisions. They let you know when they are worried, you have fallen off the path, or need to try something new. Sometimes it is hard to hear the facts, but it is essential. Mistakes lead to bigger and better changes, and this person helps illuminate that because they care and want to see you succeed. My roof would have to be my mom, and I think many can relate to that. She has more years and different insights into things, and everything she says comes from a place of love. Your roof will keep you going and guide you in the right direction.

When put together, the 3 parts to the support structure create the ultimate energy source for your changes. No matter what happens or how you are feeling, there is someone to aid you and cheer you on. When you need positive affirmation, there’s your floor. When you want to share experiences gain motivation, there are your walls. When you need guidance, there’s your roof. When people know your goals, you are even more likely to follow through and make the goals become real. No major lifestyle change is possible without a support structure!

Who are the important people that make up your support structure? I would love to hear about them in the comments! Let’s go out there and change our lifestyles together!

Peace and love!