Nutritionist Visit and Too Many Histamines!

Hello world!

Wednesday evening I met with a nutritionist about my health concerns, and the visit was incredibly enlightening and life changing! He was a nurse and studied alternative medicine for years, and he has a vast amount of personal experience in dealing with using food and supplements to aid body illnesses. When I say life changing, I mean it! I recommend anyone at least have a consultation with a nutritionist to gain insight on what your body needs from a professional.

My main reason for seeing him was to learn about how to use food to cure (or at least diminish) my eczema. Like I said in my last post, I saw on Food Hospital that an elimination diet could significantly reduce eczema, and I found that that is correct! Starting Monday, I will be on a personalized version of the elimination diet. Across the board, an elimination diet means taking out all of the foods that can cause as adverse reaction in the body, along with foods with a high acidic content. On Food Hospital, they eliminated:
grains (gluten is incredibly difficult to digest)
dairy (also difficult to digest, and the proteins cause allergic reactions)
red meats (high in saturated fat)
citrus (very acidic, and many are allergic to this)
chocolate (often contains dairy)

Of course every individual is different, but this list gives a base of understanding about what elimination diets focus on. For example, I only have to avoid gluten as opposed to all grains (hooray for rice and oatmeal!). The point of this diet is to eliminate coming in contact with the foods that cause allergic reactions, and to bring your body’s pH to the more alkaline (or basic) side rather than acidic (which causes many different health problems). Not only will my body become less inflamed, I will also experience an overall healthier lifestyle!

On top of this, I learned that I have way too many histamines in my body! This made a GREAT deal of sense, and I wish I could tell you everything that the nutritionist described about this issue, but unfortunately it’s all proprietary information! So instead, I went to the internet to find sources to help explain this. Histamines naturally flow through our body. When we come in contact with an allergen (pollen, bee sting, food, etc), the histamines react and alert the body of the incoming allergen, and then a reaction occurs. This is how allergic reactions work. When too many histamines react, anaphylactic shock occurs, causing the person to rush to the hospital because their throat is closing. So these histamines protect us in small amounts, and hurt us when too many react. The body naturally produces 2 enzymes that deactivate histamines: DAO and NMT. Sometimes, these enzymes are not enough, so we take an antihistamine, such as Benadryl or Zyrtec, to get rid of the allergic reaction symptoms. The problem is, having too many histamines can cause many health problems, such as inflammation, wheezing, asthma, changing food intolerances/allergies, migraines, heart palpitations, emotional problems, and more. In order to reduce histamines in the body to a more normal level (besides taking antihistamines every day), is…….. the elimination diet! You can also increase your omega-3 intakes to reduce inflammation, and green tea is a natural antihistamine!

I know that last paragraph was VERY information-rich, but you made it through! Histamines affect all of us, and it may be eye opening as to why you suffer through some things. So with that, I will be starting the elimination diet and taking new supplements on Monday! I can’t wait to see how this will change my health, and of course I will share my results here for you!

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Peace and love!


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