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June Nutrition Challenge!

Hello world!

After a long long time of avoiding it, I am finally going to follow a clean eating plan! No more waffles, ice cream sandwiches, and sopapilla cheesecake (don’t look it up, because you’ll immediately want to make one, hehe!) for me! I’ve made quite a few changes already based on what the nutritionist told me (check out my earlier post about it here!), such as eliminating gluten, taking borage and krill oil supplements, and getting off of birth control. Did you know that birth control irritates and makes eczema incredibly worse? Of course I didn’t realize this until my entire torso, arms, face, scalp, and legs were afflicted! But that’s a rant for a whole different blog post. ^^

So what is this June Nutrition Challenge? Well, the nutritionist gave me some specific guidelines for an elimination diet to help my eczema, but I’m the type of person that needs to plan it out in order to successfully accomplish things. The great part is that my favorite Pilates girl, Cassey from Blogilates, created a 90 day health plan that happens to follow the elimination diet (you can find her plan here)! Since I’m going to Japan at the end of June, I’ll be doing this for 30 days rather than 90, but I’ll still reap the benefits. The body reacts quickly when you give it the right blend of nutrients! I’ve made a couple changes to the Blogilates health plan to match it to my allergies (for example, she calls for egg whites and cottage cheese, and I’m allergic to dairy!). Here is my June health plan:

Healthy Eating Plan

I’m actually pretty excited! I’ll be eating frequently everyday to keep my metabolism going (it’s better to eat more smaller meals than 3 large ones!), and I’ve already been weening myself off of sugars so this transition shouldn’t be as difficult (hopefully). I have all of the groceries I need for the first week, so I have no excuse not to stay on track! If you’re not so great at sticking to a plan, buying everything you in need in advance will definitely help.

I’m ready to take the next step towards healthy living! Are you? I challenge my readers to take the plunge and start a healthy eating plan, whether it’s just cutting out fast food or desserts, going gluten-free, or even going vegan for the month of June! These may be small steps, especially compared to the crazy clean eating plan above, but we must take these small steps and work up towards the healthy body we want! I’ve already taken the smaller steps of cutting out gluten and reducing my sugar intake so that it makes this diet change not as intimidating! We all know that going cold turkey and making multiple huge changes often leads to failure. Health is patience, so if we must take baby steps, it’s ok! As long as you’re moving forward 🙂

So my June Nutrition Challenge for you is to take that first step! Let me know what your nutrition change will be, and let’s support each other in our goals!

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Peace and love!


3 thoughts on “June Nutrition Challenge!”

  1. I’ll tell you what, I’ve never had the strength to stay on a strict diet. I have such a hard time leaving the ice cream alone. But because of nutritious shakes, it’s like I have ice cream all the time. Hope you continue to do well!!

    1. Shakes are a wonderful swap for ice cream! I personally love blending together a frozen banana, spoonful of peanut butter, and a splash of soymilk to make healthy softserve ice cream! Thank you for the encouragement (and reading my blog!), and I hope that you are doing well in your quest to become healthier. 🙂

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