What’s Your Motivation?

Hello World!

I’m on day 2 of my June Nutrition Challenge (I was too eager to wait until June 1st!), and I am loving it! I didn’t think eating lots of veggies and lean protein would fill me up, but it did! I found myself scarfing down my meals and really enjoying them- when the body gets what it needs, it definitely lets you know! I had energy all day, my blood sugar didn’t drop, and I can already tell that my body looks leaner! It just goes to show how magical food really is! Check out my previous post on the June Nutrition Challenge and join me in making a change this month, even if it’s a smaller one- every step forward, no matter how big, is still a step forward!

With all of these changes in my life recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about what keeps me going. What is my motivation? Why do I want to be healthy so badly? What wakes me up at 8 AM to go running, even when I’m still tired? There is a two-fold answer to these questions, and I feel everyone else does too. There are two types of motivation: surface level, and deeper level. The surface level motivators are the changes we can feel and see, like wanting to lose weight, get an inner thigh gap, run 5 miles, etc. The surface level motivators are the goals we want to attain, and therefore we want to push forward to achieve them. Underneath all of that, we have deeper level motivators. They aren’t the goals we want to achieve necessarily, but the reason why we have goals. For example, my surface level motivators are to have an inner thigh gap and maintain a perfect waist (nice curves, flat stomach, no love handles). My deeper level motivator is my Grammy. She had too many health problems to count, including Alzheimer’s, and she ultimately passed away after having a stroke. The whole process of seeing her body wither away and slowly become more and more in pain was incredibly difficult for me. I felt like many of her woes would never have existed if she stayed active and continued to eat a healthy diet. Doctors and books and articles constantly recommend diet and exercise to avoid the many life-threatening diseases, and I 100% believe this. What we put in our bodies is what we get out of it. That is my deeper level motivator. I want to lead a healthy lifestyle, so that I may live a long, happy life with my future husband, children, grandchildren, friends, and family.

I know this post is more serious than my past ones, but motivation is such an important aspect of life. Knowing exactly what motivates you will help keep you on track when you want to give up and eat chicken fingers and fries, or skip a workout. And motivation doesn’t just pertain to health. Realizing what your motivation is for all aspects of life will make progress towards success and happiness even easier.

So what is your motivation? What are your surface and deeper level motivators? I would love to hear what they are. 🙂

Peace and love!


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