Finding Your Support Structure

Hello, world!

Man, March has brought on so many wonderful changes! It’s like a whirlwind, but I love it! With an upcoming dance competition nearing (it’s next week!), I have gotten back on my full time health plan! That means exercising every day and making good food choices to make sure I am in tip top shape for the competition! It’s amazing what a couple of weeks can do to change your body! With each day I keep this up, the easier it is for these good choices to become a preferred habit!

On top of that, my mom has made some HUGE changes in her life! She has always tried this health plan and that, but now she has found one and is sticking to it! I actually got to go to the gym with her today, which I have never been able to do in the past! It’s so inspirational to see her make these giant changes and how they have already significantly improved her health! I’m so proud!

Now what is the secret ingredient behind making permanent lifestyle changes? Of course you must make the change for YOU and no one else, but once you have decided on this change, you must establish your support structure in order to succeed. A support structure looks like a house:


  • Floors: The floor, plumbing, and wood beam skeleton of the house make up the basic and fundamental piece of the structure. This person is behind you every step of the way, no matter what, and is always supporting you. In my life, this piece of the support structure is my boyfriend. Whenever I start a new health plan or make a change in my life, he is right there telling me that I can do it. Just like the flooring is always below your feet, this part of the support structure is always there for you, and is absolutely essential (I mean, how could you live in a house without plumbing? That would stink… [sorry for the bad pun]).
  • Walls: The walls surrounding the house represent the person who is making the same or similar changes in their life. This person is right there with you, pushing you to try a new workout, make spaghetti squash for the first time, go to a yoga studio, and ultimately helping to remind you of the new commitment you have made. These people are your confidants, and the ones you won’t get mad at when they suggest you skip the trip to Burger King. They share in the difficulties, successes, and long term happiness. The walls in my support structure come from my best friend, who pushes me to work harder to achieve more. Just like walls are required to keep a house up, the same goes for keeping the support structure stable and helpful to you.
  • Roof: The roof of a house protects you from the wind, rain, and other elements. This person offers support like the flooring and walls, but also isn’t afraid to protect you from bad decisions. They let you know when they are worried, you have fallen off the path, or need to try something new. Sometimes it is hard to hear the facts, but it is essential. Mistakes lead to bigger and better changes, and this person helps illuminate that because they care and want to see you succeed. My roof would have to be my mom, and I think many can relate to that. She has more years and different insights into things, and everything she says comes from a place of love. Your roof will keep you going and guide you in the right direction.

When put together, the 3 parts to the support structure create the ultimate energy source for your changes. No matter what happens or how you are feeling, there is someone to aid you and cheer you on. When you need positive affirmation, there’s your floor. When you want to share experiences gain motivation, there are your walls. When you need guidance, there’s your roof. When people know your goals, you are even more likely to follow through and make the goals become real. No major lifestyle change is possible without a support structure!

Who are the important people that make up your support structure? I would love to hear about them in the comments! Let’s go out there and change our lifestyles together!

Peace and love!


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