Savvy Minerals by Young Living
Makeup, Skincare

Savvy Minerals Foundation is Here!

Hello, world!

Happy 4th of July! Since it’s so incredibly hot outside, I’ve had a pretty relaxing day, but I had the opportunity to test out Young Living’s newest line- Savvy Minerals! They launched a mineral makeup line with no synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, parabens, talc, you name it! It’s natural and good for your skin, so of course I wanted to try it!

As you’ll see in my video, I give my very FIRST impression of it, how it goes on, and how it wears during the day. I must say overall, I was impressed by this foundation. I felt like it stood up to the hot and humid day well, and would require minimal powdering for my oily skin. I can also easily say that it is WAY better than Bare Minerals. Hands down. I didn’t like the way Bare Minerals foundation would fall apart and feel slick on my face, and thankfully Savvy Minerals didn’t do any of that!

Thinking about checking it out? Young Living has released everything you need for a full face- foundation, veil, misting spray, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, lipstick, and lip gloss! The best part is each of those things were made without those terrible synthetic fragrances and dyes and are vegan-friendly. Hallelujah! The only fragrance you might smell is the deliciousness of an essential oil. If you’re thinking about buying, definitely shoot me an email or sign up to get shopping here! I would love to hook you up. You can also check out their website at to see all the colors and details.

Peace and love!


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