Tackling Stress with Essential Oils

Hello, World!

Man oh man, life has been non-stop crazy lately! I feel like I say this at the beginning of every post, but it’s the truth! Between teaching, working, growing my Young Living business, and other things, I barely find a moment to relax. I already do not handle stress well at all, so I need all the help I can get. Vitamins, supplements, massages, etc are great, but sometimes the stress is so large, you just need something bigger, you know?

That’s where essential oils have come into play for me. They really are making a huge impact on my life, this being one of many areas. Let’s put it this way- for years I’ve thought that I needed Xanax or some sort of medication (never pursued it, a bit too afraid to), and I no longer have those thoughts now!

Typically, I have 3 levels of stress and anxiety- low, medium, and get-ready-for-a-panic attack high. When I feel my blood pressure rising and the erratic thoughts enter my head, I take a breath to see which level I’m at, and then I go grab my oils!

  1. Low- Stress Away roller bottle

If I’m just starting to feel anxiety, but think it will pass with just a little help, I’ll grab my bottle of Stress Away. This blend, which you can get individually or in a Young Living premium starter kit, contains lavender, lime, copaiba, vanilla, and other oils which together smell sweet and bright. Its “happy” scent makes it quite uplifting, not to mention the lavender helps relax your mind some. I attached a roller ball to my bottle, so I simply apply a little to my wrists, as I would a perfume, and inhale deeply a couple times. I find if I’m more than a little stressed, this blend smells “too happy”, and therefore I seek something a little stronger! But overall, this is a staple to have.

  1. Medium- Lavender, Patchouli, Valor

When things start to get serious, and I’m getting snappy with people and having difficulty seeing past all of the issues/tasks I need to get done, the “happy Rachel” diffuser blend comes out. It’s in a 3-2-1 ratio: 3 Lavender, 2 Patchouli, and 1 Valor. So why does this blend work? Lavender, as we’ve seen in so many spa products, is naturally an anti-depressant and helps to balance the mind and body among SO MANY other qualities (seriously… I use lavender for everything). Patchouli also helps reduce anxiety by calming the mind. Finally, Valor is a blend of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, and frankincense. These oils together help to keep you grounded and capable of tackling whatever obstacle is blocking you. With this diffuser blend, my mind calms down enough so that I can focus and work through the stress/anxiety.

  1. High- “Liquid Xanax” roller bottle

This is my code-red blend. When my brain starts to spiral, and a panic attack is imminent. I’ll be honest, this roller bottle has A LOT of different oils in it, but it seriously does the trick. Here’s what’s inside of my 5 ml “Liquid Xanax”: Lavender, Valor, Vetiver, Grapefruit, Joy, Cedarwood, and Stress Away (and grape seed oil to dilute). This is a power house blend, and you know what’s funny? While I was making the roller bottle, I honestly didn’t like the smell. But when I actually needed it, it smelled like exactly what I needed. Isn’t that weird? It’s amazing how our bodies will tell us exactly what we need if we just listen! I usually apply this roller on my wrists and inhale deeply.

I seriously can’t stress how much essential oils have helped improve my life. They not only help reduce my stress and anxiety, but the effects help those around me too! (Remember- a happy Rachel means a happy everyone else! Haha) If you have any questions about how essential oils can impact your life, send me an email at rachel@happybodyblog.com! Also feel free to browse my online store here!

Peace and love!


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