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5 Favorite Dairy-free Alternatives

Hello, world! As you may know, I have lots of food allergies, with my biggest one being dairy! That means no milk, butter, cream, etc etc. One distinction I want to make right off the bat though: lactose intolerance and dairy allergies are NOT the same! Lactose intolerance means you can't properly digest lactose (milk… Continue reading 5 Favorite Dairy-free Alternatives


How To Eat Clean, Be Happy!

Hello, World! Life is pretty great right now! Counting down the days until I can move out of my (sad) apartment and into my new one!! It shall be glorious As you know from my previous post, 3 Essential Parts to a Healthy Lifestyle, I have been sick! Ugh, it's been incredibly frustrating because I… Continue reading How To Eat Clean, Be Happy!


To Be Gluten-Free, or Not To Be?

Hello World! Now I'm sure you have noticed the gluten craze building in the nutrition world. Tons of people saying gluten is terrible for you, and yet other sources say whole grain breads and pastas are wonderful for you! What should you believe? Which side should you join? Well, I'm going to give you both… Continue reading To Be Gluten-Free, or Not To Be?


Favorite Foods That Boost Wellness

Hello World! College football is finally here! Hooray for dressing up, going to tailgates, and cheering on my favorite team! Of course football season can lead to some pretty unhealthy eating habits, such as drinking lots of beer and eating more chips and burgers than you really should have! We can't let a fantastic time… Continue reading Favorite Foods That Boost Wellness