Savvy Minerals by Young Living
Makeup, Skincare

Savvy Minerals Foundation is Here!

Hello, world! Happy 4th of July! Since it's so incredibly hot outside, I've had a pretty relaxing day, but I had the opportunity to test out Young Living's newest line- Savvy Minerals! They launched a mineral makeup line with no synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, parabens, talc, you name it! It's natural and good for your… Continue reading Savvy Minerals Foundation is Here!


Daily Skincare Routine: Oily/Acne Prone

Hello, world! With this crazy weather, my skin has been on my mind a lot. The dry air has made my eczema return, BUT my face is still oily as always! If you have oily skin too, you know the struggle. Makeup doesn't want to stay put, your face feels greasy- it's no fun. After… Continue reading Daily Skincare Routine: Oily/Acne Prone