3 Essential Parts to a Healthy Lifestyle

Hello, world! So my life is going through some big changes! I started a new job, gearing up for a move (the boyfriend and I will be living together!), and preparing for my last year of undergrad! Crazy, right? Of course, nature has the most impeccable timing, so I have actually been sick for 6… Continue reading 3 Essential Parts to a Healthy Lifestyle


The Typical Japanese Diet

Hello, World! Where have I been? Did I fall off of the Earth? Is HappyBodyBlog over? Never fear! Rachel is here! I do greatly apologize for the time lapse- I have been in Japan! Can you believe it? My dream of studying abroad in Japan has finally come true, and life with my host family… Continue reading The Typical Japanese Diet


The 40/30/30 Diet- What is that?

Hello World! Today is day 4 of my June Nutrition Challenge (check out my earlier post here if you haven't read about it!), and I am loving it! I haven't craved the dairy-free ice cream sandwiches in the freezer at all, and I've successfully denied the temptations that my family keeps offering me! I can… Continue reading The 40/30/30 Diet- What is that?

Health Challenge

June Nutrition Challenge!

Hello world! After a long long time of avoiding it, I am finally going to follow a clean eating plan! No more waffles, ice cream sandwiches, and sopapilla cheesecake (don't look it up, because you'll immediately want to make one, hehe!) for me! I've made quite a few changes already based on what the nutritionist… Continue reading June Nutrition Challenge!


Nutritionist Visit and Too Many Histamines!

Hello world! Wednesday evening I met with a nutritionist about my health concerns, and the visit was incredibly enlightening and life changing! He was a nurse and studied alternative medicine for years, and he has a vast amount of personal experience in dealing with using food and supplements to aid body illnesses. When I say… Continue reading Nutritionist Visit and Too Many Histamines!