Tackling Stress with Essential Oils

Hello, World! Man oh man, life has been non-stop crazy lately! I feel like I say this at the beginning of every post, but it's the truth! Between teaching, working, growing my Young Living business, and other things, I barely find a moment to relax. I already do not handle stress well at all, so… Continue reading Tackling Stress with Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Sore Muscles
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DIY Sore Muscle & Joint Cream

Hello, world! As always, life has been crazy! I've been teaching more and more workout classes as the studio gets more and more business, work has been quite exciting, and I'm getting ready to go on vacation! But in order to get through all of this crazy, I have to take care of my body.… Continue reading DIY Sore Muscle & Joint Cream


3 Essential Parts to a Healthy Lifestyle

Hello, world! So my life is going through some big changes! I started a new job, gearing up for a move (the boyfriend and I will be living together!), and preparing for my last year of undergrad! Crazy, right? Of course, nature has the most impeccable timing, so I have actually been sick for 6… Continue reading 3 Essential Parts to a Healthy Lifestyle


Finding Your Support Structure

Hello, world! Man, March has brought on so many wonderful changes! It's like a whirlwind, but I love it! With an upcoming dance competition nearing (it's next week!), I have gotten back on my full time health plan! That means exercising every day and making good food choices to make sure I am in tip… Continue reading Finding Your Support Structure